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fredmillerbrand. band.

Who: Fred Miller
Why: To provide the carefully considerate consumer a wardrobe, a sonic tableau, a lifestyle.
Where: Baltimore, MD USA
How Long: We have been selling t-shirts since 1996, it's true, but only recently have we expanded to t-shirts of such magnificence. And the music has always been there.
How Long for the Online Shop: Nearly 9 months.
Who are the people on the team: Nick and Chris wrestle for control. But half of Rob is 72% alien, so there's that. Financial support provided by Michael Enzo.

AFFW Liner Notes June 10 2019, 0 Comments

As is our custom here at ubiquitone productions, we hereby present the liner notes to A Folia For Wallace. Although the flagship song on the album is surely Muzz's Gym, I wanted to give a nod to some of the more exotic inspirations, in this case Wallace Stevens, great American Poet and antagonist to two other great American Poets. Apparantly both Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway laid good ole Wallace out. I think I identify with Wallace a bit because he really came into his own as a poet later in life, when he was already in his 40s. So here's one for Wally.

01 - A Folia for Wallace

A Folia ( is one of the oldest known musical themes. There are two versions, the early and later folias, and this one is modeled after the later style. The way I have heard it explained is that the pattern was used just as we use the blues pattern today. It's a way to improvise and compose over a melody that everyone knows. Jam out to this Folia!

02 - Bath Scene Symphony

Big bass. This song started with me working on getting a really good bass sound, the kind that bumps at the club.

03 - Detective DeForge

This one is I think my favorite on the album. The big breakthrough came when I was able to get the piano line turned into more of a mumble response to the spoken work.. That and the arpeggiated pad sound. I will probably release just the backing music to soundcloud, it's just so 80s chill-vibe...

04 - Muzz's Gym

Ah, Muzz's Gym. I have been building this song for over a year now, and it's ready for prime time. Muzz is a great guy, and his gym is a place you just want to hang out. I imagine this song as the intro to a sitcom of the same name.

05 - Willie

06 - Not My Grave

This is part of the two-song response to "Long Black Veil". In this song, the "best friend" of the guy who went to the gallows laments his fate. He's really kind of in the dark about what all is going on, which I think is evident in the lyrics. He feels that he has been forgotten. We still don't know who the murderer is, and we really don't even know who was killed! See “Detective DeForge” for more info.

07 - Ain't No More Vein

The bass and cowbell are sample from recordings of Mount Saint Helens exploding.
The snare is from a thunderclap recording.
Note that these samples were pulled from the internet archive.
The guitar sounds are from this really obnoxious japanese guitar toy. I sampled those myself. You're welcome

"Ain't No More Cane" is an old American work song from Texas in the early 20th century. It is re-imagined here as a futuristic American work song from a moon of Saturn, where all the gas has been mined out.

Ain't No More Vein On Iapetus
It's all been transformed to the gasses

Shoulda been out on Saturn, In 30 and 10
They were drivin the autos just like they drove the men

Mr. Shadow Don't do me like you done poor old Zorg
Hit him in the head so hard now he's Geordi La Forge

Get down John Connor, hide from that cyborg
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Don't you rise up til Judgment Days o'er
Oh, oh, oh-oh

Wake up out on Venus, hold up your own head
Oh, oh, oh-oh
Well you may get an implant or might just drop dead
Oh, oh, oh-oh

08 - New Dental Blues

Brush your teeth folks.

09 - One for the IOT

This one was fun to work on. I got this little German instrument that picks up and amplifies elctro-magnetic fields. I took those and input to my DAW for experimentation. I imagined that some of what I put in there was a lyrical line, a robot melody if you will. So I put it to a beat and the result is a little ditty for the Internet of Things. When our new robot overlords come, those in possession of this song will get a pass from the culling fields.

10 - Rain in the Valley

11 - Sumpin' Sumpin'

12 - Muzz's Gym Acoustic

Tempo Updates March 24 2016, 0 Comments

We were jamming out last night on 'Rain in the Valley' and I think I finally found the right tempo. The album version is a dirge, ponderous, deliberately paced. But as a bluegrass fan, I tend to play a more upbeat tempo, it fits my polka roots. The newer version is almost double-time.

I'm not sure if I'll ever record the up-tempo version, but it's absolutely the way I'll play it live at the Nate-x-Ten.

Above All Else November 26 2015, 0 Comments

New creations are coming out of our music hole over here at FMB. First up is a collaboration with NASA. Updates on soubdcloud soon!

Twin Peaks - Laura's ThemeNovember 05 2014, 0 Comments

I came across this clip of Angelo Badalamenti talking about how he came up with the iconic Twin Peaks theme (Laura's Theme):

And then I wanted to learn it, and came across this great explanation of how it's played. Great chord progression, that.

HAWN Liner Notes November 03 2014, 0 Comments

So back in the day before the neural net, we purchased music on physical media: CDs, records, tapes, 8 tracks, microfiche. Now that we've all plugged into the mother-node, we needn't bother with the smelly trappings of physicalia. That said, there were certain... features... of the physical universe that made collection of the physical remnant quite... pleasant. One of those features was the smell. I can still recall the plasic odour of a new Dire Straits tape, Brothers in Arms, actually. Another excellent feature was text metadata regarding the remnant itself: the Liner Notes, and explanation or inventory of the materials to be found within.

In order to capture some of the essence behind that, and indeed to showcase some of the thought process that goes into the manipulation of sonic textures, I can provide for you here, dear reader / listener, the Notes that would have accompanied this release (and indeed will accompany it's physical manifestation, should it ever come to that). Behold! The Line Notes from Horses and White Noise (with Lyrics, you're welcome Mom):

Most of the inspiration for this album comes from my feeling about horses, nature, and white noise. White noise can be found throughout nature: surf, crickets and insects in the early summer night-time forest, the roaring of the electromagnetic spectrum throughout the cosmos. I put together those inspirations with an old Korg BX-3 as the featured instrument. This BX-3 has painted keys, yes, for some reason, someone painted the keys on it. On the track 'Barn', I was using a bad patch cable, and the recording was cutting out on the take that I used, it turned out to sound like it was heavily over-processed, and I really like that kind of rough modulation, very broken, while at the same time very over-driven. I have used a few samples within the album, more sparingly than in previous efforts, however. The track 'I Remember an Ass' features a sample from a favorite southern blues / rock album. The guitar sound I sampled had just that overdriven rough quality. 'The Real Baduka' was actually 2 takes on that lyrical loop that has been in my head for a few years now. The first was more rock oriented, and the second was more from the electronical school. I mashed them together with a tempo change to create a single piece.
Overall the album combines some pulsing EDM flavors, some folk, both with experimental electronica. I hope you enjoy!

1. Nate and Kara

Nate and Kara are my friends they live right down the street I think they are real neat. Nate drives a flat black 1972 Chevy Camaro with 24 inch mud tires and a red flame down the side. Kara teaches goats the fine art of basket weaving and can paint a full size barn in 45 minutes flat with a patented technique called Flash Paint. They live in an old firehouse converted into a church on the top, a bar on the bottom, and their living quarters in the middle. They do have two children who are remarkable in their own right, but who are not the subject of this song. Nate and Kara are legal in all 50 states. Nate can no longer visit Venezuela due to legal issues involving contraband apples and a Mexican named Dave. Kara has an affinity for anything Canadian except for hockey. They both winter in baltimore and summer in the Pacific Northwest, because they prefer the climate here and there. Nate and Kara share a love of Portlandia with ever other adult between the ages of 28 and 39. Every few weeks we all get together and talk about the best way to brew coffee and other items of interest to arborists. By far the most delightful thing about both Nate and Kara is their ability to carry a conversation, I can't imagine how either of them get any sleep. Nate and Kara are my friends they live right down the street I think they are real neat.

2. Barn

3. Rain in the valley

Am G D Am
From the rooftops in the valley, watch the water comin down
Am G D Am
Move the horses to higher ground

It's been a long hot summer
The yield is turning down
And now I hear the thunder
Northern skies are growing brown

The back creek starts to rise now
The wind is rising from the East
I hear the lowing of the milk cow
The nervous movement of the beast

In the wild fury of the rain storm
I see the crazy blood eyes of the mare
The raging flooding starts to take form
The town hall claxon commences to blare!

4. I Remember an Ass (Don't Stop, Horse Girlfriend)



5. The Real Baduka

Duck a
Beek a ba Dow
Duck a
Beek a ba Dow
Duck a
Beek Beek Bee Bee
Beek a ba Dow
Duck a
Beek a ba Dow
Duck a
Beek a ba Dow
Duck a
Beek Beek Bee Bee
Beek a ba Dow

6. Kidney Stone

7. Horses and White Noise

Fan in background
Drums on delay, one drum sound per track
Some tracks get hissed out to white noise
There is a mosquito drone or 2. Soft theough, not piercing
There is a a repeating washing machine type sound
There is a melodic cycle somewhere in the upper mid range

8. Cowboy Blues

I wish I was a cowboy
Dance the night away
I wish I was a cowboy
Dance the night away
Then I'd be a cowboy
Chase all my blue's away

I've got the Cowbow Blues
I got the Cowboy Blues
I've got the ....
I... Got... Them....

I wish I was a Fisher
Fish the night away
I wish I was aFisher
Fish the night away
Then I'd be a Fisher
Chase all those fish away

I've got the Fisher Blues
I got the Fisher Blues
I've got the ....
I... Got... Them....

I wish I was a Gambler
Bet the night away
I wish I was Gambler
Bet the night away
Then I'd be aGambler
Chase all my blues away

I've got the Gambler Blues
I got the Gambler Blues
I've got the ....
I... Got... Them....

9. Mane

10. The Horse Motif

--thanks to my beautiful wife Mandy, who is the light of my life, and to the Lord, to whom we lift all things. Always be joyful.

Cut and Release October 21 2014, 0 Comments

So Horses and White Noise is released! The next step? A new album! I'm already pregnant with ideas, using the sound of Mt. St. Helens erupting in 1980 as a bass drop, a prequel song to Long Black Veil, and something about a Soap House and a Sugar House. Sugar gets you dirty, Soap gets you clean? As for musical inspiration, JJ Cale as always, MGMT for some tone, Feel Good Inc. for the bassline, and Palace - The Antlers for the space.

Style inspiration: Lady Gaga.

Editors September 23 2014, 0 Comments

The Editors now have it. Horses and White Noise is but only a few short weeks away from your living room HiFi. Now many lesser artists out there take an additional step after final mix-down, called "Mastering". This "mastering" process is done at the hands of a music engineer with a very good ear for the sonic tableau, and ensures that all songs on the album are leveled equally, and recently, that the record as a whole is loud enough across the entire audio spectrum.

Yeah, what he said.

The good news for you, my listener, is that I have removed that middle-man from our transaction. The upcoming release will not require any "Mastering" because I have been carefully setting the aural table for you during the entire process. I, along with my erstwhile editors, have only your eardrums in mind when we carefully concoct your musical medicine. With the "Mastering" out of the way, you will have less wait before the latest tonal goodness comes your way.

So. Pop open a root beer, and start refreshing the homepage incessantly. Program a seperate website called '' with a simple Yes or No, based on a screenscrape of Burble excitedly to your closest friends about the upcoming anticipated life-joy. And take a moment to listen to the glorious silence that precedes, nay heralds the coming of a new Fred Miller album. For it is now but a few short weeks until this auricular hammer drops on your inner ear.

Not Horses, Fridges July 21 2014, 0 Comments

For the past 5 years, our refrigerator refused to dispense cubed ice, allowing only crushed. Over the past two weeks it started allowing cubes again (yay!), but now refuses to provide crushed.

Prior to its initial decision to only allow crushed ice, I was a cube guy. I grew up with cubes. Cubes are aesthetically pleasing, and I believe the thermodynamic profile of a cube offers many advantages over crushed in alcoholic mixed drinks. But over the past 5 years, my understanding and desire for crushed has grown, to the point where I now prefer it over cubed. I see now that my old prejudices were based on a lack of information and experience.

Good guy refrigerator, I appreciate your contribution to my personal growth. But I'm done with your games. I am the homeowner, you are the appliance. YOU WILL DISPENSE THE FORM OF FROZEN WATER I CHOOSE, OR I WILL BE FORCED TO USE THE SCREWDRIVER. And after that I will get my toolbox.

New goods in the Shop June 09 2014, 0 Comments

Good day fellow denizens of Earth! Behold, on this day I have added mp3 purchasables to the catalogue. These include the original "ubiquitone" album, now properly attributed to the artist formerly (and currently) known as Fred. Yes, batterista, I have become fully cognizant of my status as Fred. Also added is a mp3 of the single "RC Pro Am".

In other news, I have counted 6 tracks that are on the way to becoming the NEXT album, titled "Horses and White Noise". I have written and recorded the White Noise track, but I'm still having trouble with the Horses. It's not too surprising, Horses have always been a challenge for me. But rest assured, dear readers, I will overcome! The horses shall NOT prevail!

Lyrics discussion for Pig of College Football April 10 2014, 0 Comments

We're gonna tell you a story
about the bear and the shug
And how their game was taken away
By the pigs, they never should

"Momma called. And when Momma calls, you just have to come runnin'."
Down to the sweet sweet home where the boys all are a-playin'

In tuscaloo and toomers corner
In the warm summer southern sun
The kids played ball for the love of others
From fifty two to seventy one

But the pigs a came down
With their charade and their money
They built the altar to the dollar
And the love was washed away

The tree on toomers corner
Mr. Saban and Cam Newton
The coaches are all millionaires
And the boys, they are a hurtin

The skipper and the emmert man were hard up for dough
they stayed up all night, selling tv rights for blow
Gotta find a way to monetize today
Gonna make those eyeballs pay
To watch some kids go out and play
The dogs in the abbatoir will just not lay
They watch the mobs join in the fray
But Mr. Colter's gotta say
the players will not be delayed
in getting their own piece of caaaaaake.
their piece of caaaaaake

The lyrics were written for a concept album about football (called Football Night in America). I asked my friend Michael Enzo to suggest some good topics, and he brought up the subject of money ruining college football. So I put together these lyrics. I sampled Pink Floyd 'Pigs' from Animals to round out the metaphor.

I also echoed some lyrics from that Pink Floyd album, a little reference to a favorite song of mine by The Traveling Wilburys, and actually used a quote from Bear Bryant.

I feel like the song is a bit of a protest song, and I've noticed that other songwriters like to use proper names in those types of songs (Mr. President, have pity on the working man, for example)... So I used a similar approach.

I also have recently been reading 'How Music Works' by David Byrne, and he mentioned that a big part of The Talking Heads music writing tried to stay away from "cliches" in lyrics, and there is one spot in there where I feel like I could have done better, but I tried to make it simple and direct...

I very much enjoy making up lyrics, so I hope you enjoy reading about them. Please let me know if you have any feedback or would like to see more!

Fred Miller BAND! March 28 2014, 0 Comments

Such Music! The Fred Miller BAND has arrived, from 1998, with choice clips and new tunes!

Fred Miller BAND on Fachbook

All of the songs and CDs and things

The next album will be called "Horses and White Noise"